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My dogs and I have been using FVARC services since moving to the Fox Valley in 2002. Many times my dogs' lives have been saved or quality of life improved because of the quality and specialized veterinary medicine that is found so close to home. Cancer, internal medicine (liver and kidney), paralysis due to spinal emergencies, emergency C-section, canine rehab, cardiac issues, and even a few eye exams have been part of the services my dogs have needed --- some emergency, some long-term.

Probably the most important things for me as a pet owner are that I feel comfortable with the FVARC staff and that they become part of the veterinary team treating my dogs. Communication and trust are essential when I must make crucial decisions for my dogs' care. FVARC listens to my questions (and I often have many!), communicates with my primary veterinarians and is there to collaborate with UW Vet School specialists when needed. I feel fortunate to have FVARC as a veterinary resource when needed in an emergency or needed to supplement/enhance veterinary care for any of my dogs.
—Cris Lewis

I would highly recommend their services. Last week we came home to find out 8.5 year old dog unable to walk with his back legs and signs that appeared to be significant neurological issues. This was a very quick onset of issues that night and when the local vet who was still open didn't feel they could provide the appropriate services, we brought him to the local Vet Emergency center. We paid for our visit there; our dog was given an injection for pain, and due to the severity was referred immediately to FVAFC. The communication between the facilities was excellent and every staff member we interacted with was caring and considerate. Our dog stayed the night, and we got a phone call at 6:30am the next morning with a status report from the vet and were informed throughout the day of the time the scan would take place.

We visited our dog prior to the scan that next day, could see that his pain was being properly managed and the staff was very understanding and accommodating. The surgeon thoroughly explained the large mass on his spinal cord and showed us the images. We were not comfortable making a permanent decision without knowing what the mass was so a 2nd opinion to a radiologist was sent out and a Spinal tap was recommended and performed. We received a call later in the evening confirming the large mass was cancer. It was a very poor prognosis because of size and location of the mass. This is a referral center with specialists. Specialists are expensive but because they're specialists is why we are taking our pets there. I would take any measures I could to help diagnosis or determine a treatment plan for myself or my family, and this is the same for us for our dog.

At no time did I feel pressured to proceed with more expensive or unnecessary treatment options or tests, and I entirely believe the appropriate tests were done and we were referred to the right specialists at the right time.

My local vet referred my yellow lab Buddy to FVARC (about a 4 hour drive away) for his laryngeal paralysis. From the day I first spoke with the staff at FVARC to make an appointment it was a great experience under very frightening circumstances. We were required to pay a deposit for the estimated quote they had given us over the phone. It was right in line with the quote they had previously provided to me.

Staff gave us a tour of the facility that day and we returned the following day for surgery. The surgery was successful, there were no surprises, the staff had covered all the bases. The doctor called once Buddy was out of surgery and again the following morning to give me an update and find out what time I wanted to pick him up.

We were treated with the utmost respect and kindness from the first phone call to the day we walked out following surgery.

They know their stuff. The facility and the staff are all top notch.
—Pat Strasburg

Vet was very thorough, giving me both all of my medical and financial options. There were no surprises, after care was explained to me, I thought they were all fantastic! —Linda Schillerstrom

We were impressed with all the staff we came in contact during Elsie's (our 16 year old dog) stay the past few days. Dr. Peters and Dr. Graham were very good at explaining what was going on, and what they recommend. We even just got a follow-up call from Dr. Graham.

The facility was very transparent in letting me know the costs up front, and there were no surprises when we got the final bill. We were given the options and the final choices were ours.

I found the doctors and other staff very empathetic to our emergency, and kept us fully informed.

They care about your pet, it is a high-tech facility, and they go through options with you very thoroughly.

The doctor who examined our sweet dog was very thorough in her explanation and gave us several options and sequence of events. She also patiently answered all of our questions. They then called later in the day to tell us our baby was going in for her CT scan and they then called with the results and told us what would be happening next. They wanted to be thorough and have one other specialist read the scan results before jumping into the surgery. Both doctors we spoke to were very nice, helpful, and thorough in the explanations of what was happening. She goes in for surgery tomorrow and feel confident everything will go well because these people know what they are doing, they have extensive high-tech equipment, and they care about your pet. They even told us we could go back and see where our baby would be kept, and showed us the ICU and various equipment they have there. I felt they went way above and beyond and we were extremely comfortable leaving our baby there, knowing she was in good hands, with people who cared.

They do not force you to do anything, they give you the options, the costs, and let you decide.