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Referring VeterinariansThe doctors and staff at the Fox Valley Animal Referral Center would like to express our heartfelt appreciation to our referring veterinarians and their staff. We are honored that you invite us to be part of your medical team by referring your valued clients and patients to us. We do not take your trust for granted and we are committed to caring for your clients and patients in a manner that reflects our appreciation. Our sincere thanks for your ongoing partnership.

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Continuing Education Events

March 2016 CE Event - Brain Games

March 2014 CE Event

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March 2013 CE Event

Continuing Education Presentations

Navigating the Most Challenging Client Situations by Alyce D'Amato

Treatment Options for Tracheal Collapse - Tracheal Stenting: Pros and Cons by Dr. Elizabeth Breuhl and Dr. Terri Cole

Understanding YourSELF and Others - The Key to Improved Interactions by ALyce D'Amato

Emerging Toxicities - Grand Rounds Spring 2017 by Dr. Lisa Peters

Canine Rehabilitation Therapy - What Do We Do and How Can We Help? by Dr. Kendra Carlson

Methicillin-Resistant Staph aureus from


Spring 2017

Winter 2015

Summer 2015 - Immune Mediated Hemolytic Anemia

Spring 2015 - The Puzzling Problem of Portia and the Phantom Fanconi by Kendra Carlson, DVM

Winter 2014 - Conference Pearls

Fall 2014 - Vacuum Assisted Wound Closure by Ryan Demianiuk, DVM

Summer 2014 - Lovely Lipids by Ruth Peters, DVM

Spring 2014 - FVARC Receives Highest Level of VECCS Certification

Winter 2013 - Nasal Arteritis by Jennie Hiratzka, DVM

Fall 2013 - Canine Heat Stroke Notes by Kendra Carlson, DVM

Summer 2013 - Rodenticides:  A Shift in the Previous Trend by Samantha VandeHey, DVM  •  Potential Risks of Hydrogen Peroxide Treatment by Jim Graham, DVM

Spring 2013 - Getting to the Heart of the Matter Updates in Canine Cardiology by Terri Cole, DVM DACVIM  •  Tech Talk topic: Warming IV Fluids  •  Featured staff member: Stacie Griesbach

Winter 2012 - The Curious Case of the Down Dachshund by Janice Valenzuela, DVM  •  Tech Talk topic: Blood Pressure Monitoring  •  Featured staff member: Kelly Geiger